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Message to my future customers

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

I'm all in. I've switched to working on Ridiculous Robots™ full time. I've secured the right kind of investment that will allow me to accelerate the growth process. Success or failure I'm so grateful for this journey, the process. Thank you so much everyone for all the support and encouragement I've recieved.

Ridiculous Robots™ LLC is official!
Ridiculous Robots™ LLC is official!

I'm not going to squeeze you for money, I'm not begging you to buy my products so I can live a "fancy" life. If you buy my products, watch my series, or spend any of your time engaging with my company, my products, my content. Thank you! And if you can't, if I'm not providing enough, or the right kind of value to you, or you think my content sucks... I get it! And I appreciate the honesty, and am not upset at all. I'm not here to trick anyone into supporting me. I want your support because I brought some form of value to your life that you appreciate.

If I've brought you value, and you're not in a position to repay me for it, utilize my products, or show support. That is more than ok, I get it! Please take care of yourself first. I understand. I don't want a business where I'm coercing or manipulating my customers to support me through tricks. Or give me your hard earned money when you can't. This is the spirit I'm building Ridiculous Robots™ from. It's about value, and showing gratitude for everyone's reality.


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