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MicroBot Prototypes Finished

I've got 3 products I'm working on developing at the same time for the family of Ridiculous Robots™. I'm excited to get to put togeather a demo video of these fun little guys over the next couple of days.

MicroBot Prototypes
Two of the 3D printed prototypes for the smallest touch sensitive useless robot I know of.

They are fully programmed and functional. Powered by 3 x AAA currently. Although I'm considering making them rechargeable with a built in micro-usb charging port. Of course that will mean a manufacturing cost increase. But what do you all say?

MicroBot Concept Rendering
Concept Renderings of the MicroBot

The 3D printed prototypes turned out sooo incredibly close to the concept renderings from CAD.

Over the next couple of days I'll be working on gathering demo footage. I really am pleased with how they turned out. The reaction from the few who have had opportunity to demo them was priceless.

Thanks again to everyone who's been so supportive! I appreciate it so much.


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