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minibot pre-orders start oct 15, 2018

Last week I mentioned that I had a fun surprise for everyone. With a lot of work and refinement the final prototype for the world's smallest useless machine toy is here! It's pretty ridiculously small and adorable at around 2 in (or 51mm) cubed. Complete with touch sensing capability it can anticipate your move before the switch is even flipped. Product is expected to ship around December to early March. You'll be able to Pre-Order your own starting October 15, 2018 here!

Packaging, production sample photos, to follow in the upcoming months. Join the mailing list on the home page to get notified of product release and update news! And I know some of you are wondering what about the Advanced Useless Machine 2.0?!?!?He's been renamed to UltraBot and don't fret he's well on his way. I ran into some necceasry major design over hauls that needed to happen include some new amazing features. I hate waiting, and I'm sure you all do too. But I promise it's going to be worth the wait!


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